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I have worked as a receptionist at a popular cosmetic surgery office for the past ten years, and I have seen every type of cosmetic surgery and recovery that you could imagine. Unfortunately, some patients are much better at choosing their procedures than others. For example, we had one patient that opted to have ten nose jobs in a row, which lead to a deformed bridge and a super tiny nose tip. Unfortunately, when she came back a few months later to have the problem corrected, the doctors didn't have enough tissue to work with. On my website, you will learn how to decide which procedures are right for you, so that you aren't left regretting your decisions down the road.



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Choosing the Right Procedures

How To Get A Better-Looking Stomach

by Michelle Austin

If you would like to achieve a better-looking stomach for yourself, then you want to add a few things to your daily routine that can help give your stomach a look you can be proud of. First, if you need to lose some weight, then this should be your primary focus for the time being. Eat healthy foods of the right amount for your size and exercise daily, making sure you get in cardio and toning exercises. The information here will give you pointers on getting a nicer-looking stomach.

Target your midsection

When you are putting your exercise routine together, you want to target on your midsection. You can do this by incorporating crunches using an exercise ball that takes some of the stress of these exercises off your back.

Good posture can also help you to tighten the muscles in your stomach area, which will help you to get it looking flatter. Work on keeping your spine properly aligned and your shoulders slightly back when you are sitting and try to keep your stomach sucked in at all times to promote flatness.

Lighten up stretch marks

If you have stretch marks on your stomach, you can do things to make them lighter. This will also help you to achieve a better-looking stomach area. One thing you can do is to apply aloe vera gel directly to the stretch marks. The aloe vera has properties which help not only soothe skin, but also help to repair damage, such as stretch marks and scarring.  

You can apply the aloe vera by squeezing the gel out of the plant leaves, then putting that gel on the stretch marks. After a few minutes, use some warm water to remove the gel. This is something you want to do on a regular basis; don't expect to see overnight results. But, after using it for a while, you will see the stretch marks become lighter and less noticeable.

Consider a tummy tuck

If you have lost weight and it has left you with loose skin in your stomach area, this skin can be nearly impossible to get rid of. The elasticity of the skin will only allow it to shrink back in place so much. A tummy tuck can be great for this situation. The excess skin will be removed, leaving you with a much better-looking stomach you will feel more comfortable with. Contact a company like Laufer Institute of Plastic Surgery for more information.