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I have worked as a receptionist at a popular cosmetic surgery office for the past ten years, and I have seen every type of cosmetic surgery and recovery that you could imagine. Unfortunately, some patients are much better at choosing their procedures than others. For example, we had one patient that opted to have ten nose jobs in a row, which lead to a deformed bridge and a super tiny nose tip. Unfortunately, when she came back a few months later to have the problem corrected, the doctors didn't have enough tissue to work with. On my website, you will learn how to decide which procedures are right for you, so that you aren't left regretting your decisions down the road.


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Choosing the Right Procedures

What Is Emsculpt?

by Michelle Austin

If you're not in love with how your body looks and feels, you may be interested in procedures that help you achieve the look that you're after. Emsculpt is a procedure that some individuals choose to get. This body contouring treatment can help you feel more comfortable and confident in your own skin. Keep reading to learn more about Emsculpt so that you can decide if it's right for you:

What is Emscult? 

Emsculpt is a body contouring treatment. It's a non-evasive, electromagnetic procedure. This FDA approved procedure targets unwanted fat areas of the body to help build muscle and sculpt the body for a more desirable look. With treatment, individuals can tone up and build more muscle. 

What Should You Expect?

If you plan to get this procedure done, you may be wondering what to expect. You'll be hooked up to a machine that will send electromagnetic energy to a specific area of your body. This will force your muscles to contract, just as if you were exercising on your own. The nice thing about this treatment is it will maximize the contractions that your body is able to do, which allows you to get better results.

Who is  Good Fit for This Treatment?

You may be wondering if you're a good candidate. This treatment is best for someone who is relatively fit. If you want extra definition and want to increase muscles and lessen your fat, this is probably for you. If you have a lot of fat, this may not be a good choice for you as you won't see as many results. If you're active and want to see more definition, this is a good option for you. It's a treatment that works well for both men and women. 

How Long Does the Procedure Take?

Most procedures take around 30 minutes per session. If you plan to work on multiple parts of the body, you'll need to focus 30 minutes on each area. 

Does It Last?

In order to get the best results, you'll want to remain active after getting Emscult done. If you aren't as active, you may need to get additional treatments done in the future. 

if you want to improve your body and its look, you may want to think about investing in Emsculpt. This is a great option if you're an active individual who wants to look better and build more muscle. Talk to a professional to see if this is a good treatment option for your goals.