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I have worked as a receptionist at a popular cosmetic surgery office for the past ten years, and I have seen every type of cosmetic surgery and recovery that you could imagine. Unfortunately, some patients are much better at choosing their procedures than others. For example, we had one patient that opted to have ten nose jobs in a row, which lead to a deformed bridge and a super tiny nose tip. Unfortunately, when she came back a few months later to have the problem corrected, the doctors didn't have enough tissue to work with. On my website, you will learn how to decide which procedures are right for you, so that you aren't left regretting your decisions down the road.


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Choosing the Right Procedures

Four Benefits Of A Botox Procedure

by Michelle Austin

A Botox procedure is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that cosmetic experts usually use to reduce facial wrinkles. Typically, a Botox injection contains onobotulinumtoxinA, a toxin that temporarily prevents the movement of targeted muscles. With time, the muscles regenerate, and you may be required to get Botox injections after several months. However, the number of Botox injections you need depends on the extent of the wrinkles, but your cosmetic expert will advise. The Botox procedure has become popular since there's no scarring or intense pain, and the treatment only takes a few minutes. Now that you understand what the Botox procedure entails, here are the benefits of this procedure.

1. Treats Drooping Brows

Drooping brow or brow ptosis affects the appearance of your eyebrows. The condition makes you look tired and sad even when you're feeling vibrant and happy. The condition may occur due to aging or biological reasons. For example, you may try to eat vegetables and exercise your facial muscles but still fail to correct the condition. Fortunately, the Botox procedure can help relax the eyebrow muscles, hence lifting the eyebrows. In return, your face looks brighter.

2. Stops Excessive Sweating

Hyperhidrosis refers to a condition where a person sweats excessively and erratically. If you have this condition, you can sweat when the weather's cold or even when resting. Botox treatment helps stop excess sweating since the onobotulinumtoxinA hormone can also target sweat secreting glands. Hence, the cosmetic experts can do Botox injection in areas that you sweat most, such as your armpits or feet.

3. Reduces Migraine pain

Migraines cause significant pain and can affect your vision or cause nausea. Botox procedures usually help reduce symptoms such as light sensitivity, and you can better manage the migraine. However, you need to understand that Botox doesn't cure migraines but helps manage them. Combining Botox and prescription drugs or treatment from your doctor can help do away with a migraine completely.

4. Treats Bell's Palsy

Bell's palsy refers to a condition that leads to paralysis of the facial muscles due to swelling or constriction of the nerves that control these muscles. The condition results in drooping or stiffening of the face. Administering Botox on the paralyzed side of the face can help relax the stiff, painful muscles and prevent facial tics. In addition, treating the non-paralyzed side of the face with Botox helps to make your face look more balanced.

A Botox procedure can treat drooping brows and Bell's palsy. Botox can also help reduce migraine pain and stop excessive sweating. If you want to treat these conditions, consider getting Botox injections.