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I have worked as a receptionist at a popular cosmetic surgery office for the past ten years, and I have seen every type of cosmetic surgery and recovery that you could imagine. Unfortunately, some patients are much better at choosing their procedures than others. For example, we had one patient that opted to have ten nose jobs in a row, which lead to a deformed bridge and a super tiny nose tip. Unfortunately, when she came back a few months later to have the problem corrected, the doctors didn't have enough tissue to work with. On my website, you will learn how to decide which procedures are right for you, so that you aren't left regretting your decisions down the road.


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Choosing the Right Procedures

Think You Have Low Testosterone? Signs That You Do And Treatment Options

by Michelle Austin

If you are a man, there are many symptoms you can have if you have low testosterone levels. Below is information about this so you will know for sure. You will also find information about different treatment options.

Low Testosterone Levels Symptoms

One major symptom of low testosterone is you will not want to have sex with your partner. This can be common for someone that is aging. If you are not elderly then you may find the problem to be much worse. You may also find it difficult to have an erection with low testosterone levels, which can then add to your low sex drive problems. If you face this problem, your semen value may also be very low. 

Hair loss is another symptom, and this generally starts out slowly but over time you can lose a significant amount of hair. While it's often the hair on your head, you can also lose hair in other areas, such as your chest, arms, or legs. In addition, you may feel more fatigued than normal. If this is caused by low testosterone, you will feel tired much of the time throughout the day and night. Being tired all the time can make you unmotivated so you may not exercise regularly. 

Further, your moods may change and you may get angrier much easier. Gaining weight is another system, such as around your abdominal area. 

Testosterone Therapy for Low Levels

There are many treatment options to help you have more testosterone in your body including testosterone therapy. This could be taking medication or putting a gel on your body. There are also injections you can get for this problem. Some doctors like to use patches to put a small amount of testosterone in your body at a time. If you go this route, you likely have to replace the patch once a day or weekly. 

When opting for therapy, the doctor will first do a blood test to determine what your testosterone levels are. They will also make sure you do not have a medical condition that is causing your levels to be low. If they find they are very low and there is no cause, they will then suggest a specific type of therapy. They can also give you information about the ingredients in the medication, gel, patches, and injections. From there, they will discuss the side effects of this medicine and how long you will have to take it. 

Your doctor can answer any questions you have about testosterone therapy so you can decide if this would be right for you. For more information, contact a company like Trident Anti Aging.