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I have worked as a receptionist at a popular cosmetic surgery office for the past ten years, and I have seen every type of cosmetic surgery and recovery that you could imagine. Unfortunately, some patients are much better at choosing their procedures than others. For example, we had one patient that opted to have ten nose jobs in a row, which lead to a deformed bridge and a super tiny nose tip. Unfortunately, when she came back a few months later to have the problem corrected, the doctors didn't have enough tissue to work with. On my website, you will learn how to decide which procedures are right for you, so that you aren't left regretting your decisions down the road.


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Choosing the Right Procedures

Botox Treatment And Other Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Procedures

by Michelle Austin

Can you combine a Botox treatment with other cosmetic procedures? Whether this is your first experience with botulinum toxin type A or you're ready to add a filler, laser hair removal, peel, or another type of treatment to this fine line-erasing injectable, take a look at what you need to know right now.

What Does Botox Do?

Botox injections can smooth fine lines and decrease the appearance of wrinkles. The injectable (also known as botulinum therapy) blocks chemical signals from some of the facial nerves. This relaxes the muscles and stops them from contracting. Without muscle contractions, the skin over the facial muscles looks smoother and fine lines or wrinkles may seem like they disappear. 

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), this type of injectable has the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval to treat crow's feet and frown lines. The ASPS also notes that it can also reduce the appearance of neckbands, improve chin dimpling, lift the corners of the mouth, and soften a square jawline. 

What Doesn't This Injectable Do?

Even though botulinum toxin type A can freshen your face and reduce the appearance of some types of lines, it can't completely change the way you look or reshape your facial gestures. It also won't add volume to your lips or cheeks or fill in recessed scars. This means you may want or need to combine botulinum therapy with other cosmetic procedures or treatments to achieve a major change or meet your aesthetic goals. 

Can You Pair Botulinum Injections With Dermal Filler Injections?

Unlike botulinum, dermal fillers (as the name implies) can also add volume or fill your face. This type of injectable can plump your pout and create a smoother, more youthful look. If you want to remove wrinkles and add fullness to your lips/face, you can combine both botulinum and dermal filler injections. But your doctor may recommend spacing out the services—especially if this is your first experience with injectables or minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. 

Can You  Combine Botulinum Injections With Other Treatments?

Like dermal fillers, your doctor may suggest waiting to combine botulinum therapy with another minimally invasive procedure at first. If you've already tried this type of injectable or have used other treatments (such as chemical peels, laser treatments, or microdermabrasion), you can consider combining procedures. The specific procedures you pair together depend on your aesthetic goals.

Why Would You Combine Treatments?

A combination of treatments (including Botox) can help you to achieve a fresh, youthful look and may save you time. Instead of several trips into the doctor's office or medi spa for each procedure, you can make one appointment.

For more information on Botox treatment, contact a professional near you.