Choosing the Right Procedures

Choosing the Right Procedures

Cosmetic Gynecology: An Introduction For Curious Women

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Cosmetic procedures are an ongoing topic of discussion for women who have a deep-seated need to feel confident with their bodies. Whether it is breast augmentation, tummy tucks, or facial enhancements like rhinoplasty or a facelift, these procedures have been around for a lot of years. However, one of the lesser-known forms of cosmetic surgery falls under the category of gynecology. The fact is, as a woman, even the most private areas of your body see changes with age, pregnancy, and childbirth, and these changes can have a negative impact on your life. Here is a closer look at some of the most commonly asked questions about cosmetic gynecology.  What are the primary advantages of cosmetic gynecology? Women choose cosmetic gynecology procedures for several reasons. In most cases the choice to have a procedure performed will be because of changes that occur with age or after childbirth in the shape and tightness of their vaginal area. Some of the advantages that come along with such procedures include: a tighter appearance of the outer areas of the vagina the ability to wear form-fitting clothing without concern higher levels of sexual sensitivity inside and out fewer issues with incontinence  What are some of the forms of cosmetic gynecology procedures performed? There are a handful of different procedures offered by most cosmetic gynecologists. While some women will choose to target one specific area with just one procedure, some may prefer a set of procedures to tackle a few different issues. The primary types of procedure are labiaplasty to reshape or reduce the size of the labia, clitoral unhooding to remove excess skin around the clitoris, hymenoplasty to restore hymen tissue, and vaginoplasty which tightens the inner walls of the vagina. Choosing a procedure best for you should involve lengthy discussion with a cosmetic gynecologist and will depend on your personal reasons for wanting the surgery.  Is everyone a good candidate for gynecological cosmetic surgery? Most people are a good candidate for cosmetic gynecological procedures because the procedures are not as invasive as some other forms of cosmetic surgery. Of course, the outcomes of each individual surgery will vary according to your age and the severity of loose skin or tissue. If you have recently given birth, your doctor may recommend that you wait a while before having the surgery performed, because the body naturally tightens the vaginal area somewhat as you heal after having a baby.  For more information, contact centers such as Rejuvenate Center for Medical...

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How To Get A Better-Looking Stomach

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If you would like to achieve a better-looking stomach for yourself, then you want to add a few things to your daily routine that can help give your stomach a look you can be proud of. First, if you need to lose some weight, then this should be your primary focus for the time being. Eat healthy foods of the right amount for your size and exercise daily, making sure you get in cardio and toning exercises. The information here will give you pointers on getting a nicer-looking stomach. Target your midsection When you are putting your exercise routine together, you want to target on your midsection. You can do this by incorporating crunches using an exercise ball that takes some of the stress of these exercises off your back. Good posture can also help you to tighten the muscles in your stomach area, which will help you to get it looking flatter. Work on keeping your spine properly aligned and your shoulders slightly back when you are sitting and try to keep your stomach sucked in at all times to promote flatness. Lighten up stretch marks If you have stretch marks on your stomach, you can do things to make them lighter. This will also help you to achieve a better-looking stomach area. One thing you can do is to apply aloe vera gel directly to the stretch marks. The aloe vera has properties which help not only soothe skin, but also help to repair damage, such as stretch marks and scarring.   You can apply the aloe vera by squeezing the gel out of the plant leaves, then putting that gel on the stretch marks. After a few minutes, use some warm water to remove the gel. This is something you want to do on a regular basis; don’t expect to see overnight results. But, after using it for a while, you will see the stretch marks become lighter and less noticeable. Consider a tummy tuck If you have lost weight and it has left you with loose skin in your stomach area, this skin can be nearly impossible to get rid of. The elasticity of the skin will only allow it to shrink back in place so much. A tummy tuck can be great for this situation. The excess skin will be removed, leaving you with a much better-looking stomach you will feel more comfortable with. Contact a company like Laufer Institute of Plastic Surgery for more...

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4 Tips To Reduce Swelling After A Facelift

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Looking your best these days is more important than ever. Society may encourage to work towards being as attractive due to the numerous ads you see on a daily basis. Working to look younger during middle-age and the later years of life seems to be more and more popular. One way to help you do so is by having a facelift. This surgery is sure to bring out your youthful appearance and provide your skin with a glow. By knowing tips that can assist in the reduction of swelling after this type of operation may be beneficial to you. Tip #1: Listen to your surgeon You will receive a list of things to do after your surgery, and it’s ideal to follow these instructions exactly for the best possible results. Following are some things you may find on this list to follow: 1. Don’t remove bandages on your own without the recommendation of your surgeon. 2. Select foods that are easy to chew to reduce the strain of facial movements. 3. Take any and medications that have been given to you. Tip #2: Avoid strenuous exercise It’s critical to take extra care of your health during the fragile time after any type of surgery. You will want to avoid doing exercises that may be considered challenging until your doctor clears you for exercise. Getting the proper amount of rest is critical to reducing any complications or unwanted swelling during this time. Tip #3: Stay away from heat Helping your face to heal after this cosmetic surgery will mean taking the time to be mindful of your surroundings and what you do. Avoid sitting in the sun or visiting a tanning bed that could cause your face to get too hot and contribute to swelling. Tip #4: Keep you head up You may want to prop your head up with an extra pillow when you’re sleeping. Keeping your head in an upward position at all times will help keep your blood flowing, and this is critical for decreasing swelling.  Getting through cosmetic procedures is not that challenging if you know all of the effective tips that can allow you to do so. Being able to avoid swelling and other complications are sure to be the key in this situation. Additionally, be sure to talk to your cosmetic surgeon to assist you with other tips for making this procedure a successful one for you!  ...

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Tips For Scheduling Laser Hair Removal

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With summer coming, you might find yourself wanting to be sure that you can be confident at the beach by getting rid of any unwanted hair that you might have. Laser hair removal is a painless process that leaves many women looking and feeling their best. However, scheduling laser hair removal can be somewhat difficult if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. Here are some tips for scheduling this procedure. 1. Make Sure You Give Yourself Time Start getting laser hair removal early. You want to be certain that you have enough time to get in multiple sessions with the laser before you plan on going to the beach and showing off the job because it can take several sessions in order to get the best results possible. The average person sees best results within about  six sessions and those who have light skin might see best results sooner, whereas those who have darker skin might not see optimal results until session eight or higher simply because of how the laser targets the hair follicles. Giving yourself enough time will allow you to experience full reduction of hair. If you only have time for one or two sessions, you will still see some results, but it will be closer to 10% to 30% hair reduction, as opposed to the 100% hair reduction that you were probably hoping for. 2. Make Sure That You Wait Long Enough Between Sessions After you have undergone laser hair removal, your body is going to start shedding the dead hair follicles. This process can start happening a few weeks after the process, although you can stimulate it by dry brushing and other exfoliation methods that will get rid of the dead skin that might be slowing down the shedding process. Watch the shedding process happens and mark the day when it is no longer happening. After that, try to wait three weeks to schedule your next session. Keep track of the day that different parts of your body stop shedding. For example, your leg hair might stop shedding more quickly than your underarm hair, so you are going to need to schedule different appointments for each of those places in order to get the timing right. If you had laser hair removal done on your face, you might need to wait longer simply due to the sensitivity of the area. For more information, talk to a company that specializes in full body laser hair removal (like Florida Women’s Center Inc). They will be able to give you a breakdown of how long you have to wait between sessions for each part of your body....

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Speed Up Your Breast Surgery Recovery With These Three Tips

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If you have a breast augmentation surgery planned soon, you will want to make sure that you read these tips on how to speed up your recovery. Armed with the right information, you can make the right medical decisions that will help you reduce the pain you feel after your surgery and speed up the recovery process. Discuss The Numbing Medication To Be Used Speeding up your recovery starts with talking to your doctor about how they will perform your procedure. When your surgeon takes certain steps, the pain you feel afterwards can be reduced. First, ask your surgeon about how they will use numbing medicine on you. Ideally, your surgeon should inject numbing medication around your breast right after you are administered the general anesthesia. Then, your surgeon should once again apply the same numbing medicine to your skin before closing you up. By numbing the site before your surgeon closes, they will help block your nerves from feeling the pain from the surgery right away. Your body will slowly absorb this numbing medication for a while, so when you wake up, you will not be in as much pain because your brain isn’t getting pain signals from the nerves in your breast yet. By reducing the pain you feel right after you get out of surgery, your recovery process will be aided. Have Anti-Nausea Medication On Hand Next, you need to talk to your doctor about controlling the nausea that many patients feel after having breast surgery. You need to discuss this beforehand, so that you have the right medication on hand to deal with the nausea and don’t have to wait for treatment. Get a subscription for anti-nausea medication and fill it before your surgery. Also, stock up on simple food such as crackers and toast before your surgery so you have gentle food to eat while you recover. Ask About Pain Management You also need to discuss with your doctor how your pain will be managed once you are out of surgery. When your pain is managed, your body will be able to focus on healing. If your doctor subscribes you any medications for pain, make sure you understand how to use them before you go in for surgery, and pick up those prescriptions in advance as well. Before you go in for your breast augmentation surgery, discuss with your doctor how they can minimize the pain you will feel when you exit surgery. Make sure that you are comfortable with their plan. Also, make sure you pick up anti-nausea and any other pain management medications you will need before you go in for surgery so you have everything on hand that you need. For more information, contact a professional like the Hecht Aesthetic...

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Natural Skincare Ingredients: 2 Ways To Use Turmeric

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Knowing the type of ingredients that are in your skincare products can help you make a better purchasing decision. You don’t have to rely on artificial chemicals for younger looking skin. There are plenty of natural ingredients capable of offering the same antioxidating or rejuvenating effects. In particular, turmeric is hailed as the super skincare spice, and is a common ingredient in luxury skincare products. You can easily take advantage of this spice with homemade masks. Regular turmeric found in grocery stores may temporarily stain your skin, and as a result, should not be used for external application purposes. Instead, use kasturi turmeric. Here are 2 ways to use this magical ingredient to brighten your skin, reduce wrinkles and remove facial hair. Reduce Wrinkles and Brighten Skin with a Little Bit of Turmeric, Milk and Honey Turmeric can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and slow down the aging process significantly. In addition, milk is great for your skin, as it contains lactic acid, which can help improve your skin’s texture by sloughing off dead skin cells. Honey is a wonderfully effective moisturizer. By combining these two ingredients, you’ll be able to fight of aging. Mix turmeric powder with equal parts of milk and honey until it becomes a paste. After you have washed your face, tie your hair up and apply the mask evenly onto your face without missing any spots. Leave the mask on for about 20 minutes before washing it off with cool water. You should instantly see and feel a difference. Remove Facial Hair with a Dash of Turmeric with Gram Flour Small facial hairs can darken your complexion, and also affect whether your skin cells can easily absorb the nutrients found in other skincare products you apply regularly. Turmeric can inhibit the growth of facial hair when combined with gram flour. There are several different masks you can make; however, the easiest one is to simply mix turmeric with gram flour and water to create a thick paste. Spread the paste onto your face, and give it ample time to dry up. Once the mask has dried, rub the paste off away from the direction your hair grows. Rinse the mask off with warm water, then cold water to close off the pores, and slather on moisturizer. Conclusion If you don’t have time to make these masks at home, there are plenty of skincare products that contain turmeric powder. These skincare products are just as effective, and will keep the effects of aging at bay. However, turmeric is quite expensive. You might want to take a look at the concentration and amount of turmeric in the product as a gauge of efficacy, and to make sure the products you are purchasing are well worth their price. For more skin care ideas, check out places like Waccamaw Dermatology & Plastic Surgery...

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3 Great Cosmetic Skin Procedures

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When it comes to taking care of your beauty throughout the course of your life, there are a lot of procedures that you can take advantage of. If you want your face to retain its glow, while doing away with imperfections, there are numerous aesthetic dermatology treatments that you can take part in to make yourself look great. If you are not aware of these cosmetic procedures and want to learn more, read the following guide, and make sure that you reach out to a professional who can help you out.  Procedure #1: Skin Resurfacing One of the best cosmetic procedures that you can use to retain your beauty and beat imperfections is skin resurfacing. This procedure allows you to get rid of both static and dynamic wrinkles, so that you are able to keep your youthful looks. Further, you’ll also be able to wipe away long term or permanent scarring and pitting that occurs due to acne or years of skin problems. Skin resurfacing can also help you out in terms of keeping your skin firm and to keep you color and pigment evenly toned.  Procedure #2: Botox Injections These injections are quick to administer and can help you to get rid of wrinkles, sagging skin and other imperfections that happen throughout the years. They are strategically administered by dermatologists in order to  paralyze the muscle and alleviate the imperfection. These injections are especially useful for tough wrinkle areas, such as around your eyes, on your forehead and along the corners of your mouth. When taking Botox injections, you will typically have to go in for a number of follow up appointments in order to keep treating the area in question over the long term.  Procedure #3: Microdermabrasion Treatments One of the most practical aesthetic treatments you can receive is a microdermabrasion treatment. This treatment uses a wand like device to massage particles along the problem areas of your face. When receiving this treatment, your skin will begin to heal and keep its texture and glow. One of the benefits of this technique is that it is completely pain free and you can take advantage of these treatments as often as you need to. It is noninvasive and you won’t have to worry about a healing timetable or adverse side effects.  Consider these three procedures as you reach out to dermatologists in your area who can help you take care of your skin. Contact a clinic like Appearance Dermatology to get...

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Tattoo Breakup: How To Handle Your Ex’s Name Tattooed On Your Body

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If you have your ex’s name tattooed somewhere on your body, then you’re probably regretting the decision. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but now you are sick of the reminder every time you look in the mirror. The problem is very common. Getting matching tattoos is romantic, and many couples step it up a notch by getting each others names permanently inked on their bodies. Of course, at the time you never thought the ink would last longer then the relationship. Now that the other person is no longer your other half, the tattoo should go. Of course, you can keep it, but most people want to get rid of it one way or another: Get A Cover Up A cover up is tattoo lingo for a tattoo that incorporates and “covers” the original design. There are limitations to cover ups, but depending on the size and color of the original tattoo, they can be accomplished. The main problems that you encounter when getting a cover up is that they need to be larger than the original tattoo and they usually need to incorporate the design. Many people think that you can just tattoo over the old tattoo. Depending on the color of the original tattoo, this is not possible. If the original tattoo was a light color, then you can change it by adding a darker color, black or navy. If, however, the original color was dark, then you will need to have the tattoo artist incorporate the old design. A dark color can’t be covered over by a light color. So, if you have your ex’s name in black, Old English script, you can’t have a pink rose or red heart placed over it. You would have to have a pure black design placed over it, such as a black rose, or you would have to incorporate the script into a new, larger design. For instance, you might have a red rose encircled by a black tribal design. The ex’s name could be incorporated into a tribal design. The issue here is that you would need to get a much larger tattoo. Get It Lasered Off If you don’t want to cover it up, if you want a clean slate, then you need to head to a laser removal expert. People usually refer to getting a tattoo lasered off, but the process is much more interesting. Have you ever seen a tattoo on a older man, maybe someone who got it while he was serving in the Navy many years ago? The tattoo will not look as bright and colorful as a new tattoo. The reason is that the body wants to destroy tattoos. The body looks at tattoo ink as an invader and sends white blood cells in to destroy it. The problem is that the ink is too big for the white blood cells to remove. The white blood cells are able to chip away, year after year, however, and  carry pieces of ink away into the bloodstream. The result is that the tattoo looks old and faded. A laser tattoo removal service utilizes the bodies innate desire to get rid of the ink by breaking the ink down into tiny pieces. The laser heats the ink molecules and makes them...

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3 Things To Remember When Getting Laser Hair Removal Under Your Arms

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Not having to shave your armpits anymore can be an amazing thing, so many people are excited at the prospect of getting laser hair removal under their arms. Laser hair removal removes all of the dark, coarse hair under your armpits after a series of laser treatments. However, if you are considering getting this procedure done, there are certain things that you are going to want to keep in mind in order to make the procedure a successful and good experience for you. This article will discuss 3 things to remember when getting laser hair removal under your arms.  1. Do Not Tweeze or Wax Any Armpit Hairs Because laser hair removal removes each hair from the follicle in different hair cycles, it is important that no hair follicles in your under arms are removed. The two methods of removing hair follicles that you will need to avoid are tweezing and waxing. These methods pull the entire hair out, making it so that the laser can’t burn the hair follicle. The best and only way to get rid of your hair while undergoing laser hair removal is to shave your armpits. This simply cuts the hair to the surface of the skin, without completely removing the follicle.  2. Avoid Shirts That Rub Against Your Armpits Right After Treatment Because the laser makes your underarms very sensitive, it is important that you pay special attention to this skin after a treatment. The technician or doctor who performs your laser hair removal will likely use aloe or some other soothing cream under your armpits in order to help the red and irritated skin feel better. However, if anything rubs against your underarms, this will cause you more unnecessary pain. To avoid this, you can simply wear larger shirts that aren’t going to rub against your underarms, or you can wear a sleeveless top that won’t touch your armpits at all.  3. Remove All Deodorant Before Each Treatment If you want your laser treatment to be as effective as possible, it is important to avoid using any type of deodorant before a treatment. This deodorant can make the laser much less effective because it may block the laser’s access to the hair follicle. If you do happen to have deodorant on before an appointment, use the bathroom at the treatment center and take soap and water to carefully remove all of the deodorant residue. This will then allow you to have the most successful treatments possible. To learn more about hair removal, contact a company like Florida Aesthetics and Medical Weight...

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Unexpected Result For The Duodenal Switch Surgery – “Cure” For Diabetes

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Patients looking for an alternative to the typical gastric bypass surgery can choose a duodenal switch surgery instead. In this type of weight loss surgery, a gastric bypass of the stomach is performed as usual, but then the liver and bile ducts are connected directly into the bypassed section of small intestine via the duodenum, or the small organ just below the stomach which connects it to the small intestine. Recently, surgeons have discovered an amazing side effect: this procedure practically cures diabetes. The how and why are explained below. The Malabsorption Aspect and Effect Because this procedure relies heavily on malabsorption, or not absorbing a large portion of the calories consumed, patients lose weight. Their diet is far less restricted than with traditional bypass surgery, but they eat in moderation and it is digested faster because of the direct connection of the bile ducts. This also means that far less sugar is consumed and the body begins to balance out its insulin production to meet what nutrients are absorbed.  Patients with Diabetes No Longer Have to Check Their Blood Sugar  Patients who have undergone this surgery and who had diabetes found that they no longer had to take medication or check their blood sugar after just a few months. Studies in Europe supported the evidence so well that now patients who are not overweight but have diabetes are requesting and receiving the duodenal switch surgery to reverse years of suffering with diabetes. It also seems to cure or almost cure sleep apnea, high cholesteral, high fat content in the blood and high triglycerides, which contribute to high cholesterol. Potential Problems with Covering the Cost of the Surgery At the moment, some insurance companies have not heard of the duodenal switch, and those that have view it as a rapid weight loss/cosmetic procedure rather than a necessary health measure. This means that you may have to pay most of the bill for the surgery on your own, or insurance will only cover traditional bypass surgery. If you have many of the health risk factors that make you a better candidate for duodenal switch surgery, including sleep apnea and diabetes, the insurance company may be convinced by your doctor that it can help reduce your health costs and risks over time, something which most health insurance companies appreciate. Finding Duodenal Switch Surgeons Because it is so new a procedure in the U.S., you may also have a difficult time finding a surgeon who can perform the surgery. There are informational sites that link you to the available surgeons in the U.S. who can help. Your only other option is to wait a year or two, when this new technique will catch on and more surgeons closer to your home will be able to offer it to you. To learn more, contact a business like Weight Loss Specialists of North...

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